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Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise is a groundbreaking tool was announced by Google on August 22nd with a post on the Google blog.

The Chrome OS operating system has been evolving over years since Google first launched devices with the operating system on it in 2009. As the years have passed, the capabilities of the Chrome OS operating system and the devices manufacturers have provided with it have gone from a nice thought experiment to a crucial component of many small, mid-size and enterprise organization’s technology strategy. Some of the biggest adopters of the Chromebook have been schools, mostly for the low cost and the ease of deployment and management across their environment.


With another technological leap forward, Google has made it even easier for Enterprise to adopt the Chromebook with Chrome Enterprise. With the latest update, Google has made it seamless for system administrators to deploy and manage Chromebook devices across their networks without having to sacrifice access to important applications, device manageability and network security.


Enterprise Features

With Chromebook Enterprise you will get integration into your existing management system beyond the Google G suite administrator portal and device management features, with access to MicrosoftⓇ Active DirectoryⓇ for a centralized system to manage all devices, whether they’re running Chrome OS or Microsoft Windows.

Google has also added access to app stores within your enterprise environment to simplify centralized deployment of apps across your environment regardless of device operating system. Along with 24/7 support and integration with both cloud and on-premise management tools like VMware Workspace One and Microsoft Active Directory – Google has removed many of the obstacles system administrators had in deploying Chrome OS within their environment.

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