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Digital Marketing Agency in Jersey City

Are you an established business or new business in Jersey City? Are you confused by all of the complicated language marketers are using or simply not sure how to get the best return on your Digital Marketing investment? We provide a complete suite of digital marketing solutions to ensure the success of all of your search marketing projects. Whether you’re looking for search engine optimization – SEO, paid search, social media marketing, content marketing or to make sure your business is properly placed in business directories, both local and national.

Jersey City Digital Marketing Agency

The team at Leveldesk is here to make your project a success using the latest in Digital Marketing strategies and techniques for your business in Jersey City.

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Search Engine Optimization

SeoSwift is our proprietary blend of SEO strategies built off 10+ years in the industry. As the landscape has evolved and matured, so has our approach to the art and science of modern SEO. Our team’s expertise enables us to take a multi-pronged approach starting with industry proven SEO basics, with more complex strategies developed and implemented as your business needs change. SeoSwift = timely and measurable results!

Paid Search Marketing

You have a limited Ad spend, we’re here to help you achieve the best ROI for every dollar spent. There are a multitude of ways to show ads and spend your budget, we identify the optimal placement opportunities for your project and business to achieve KPI goals. With Google, Bing, and Facebook as the leaders in display advertising, we build a mix of these platforms and others to deliver results. With our AdSpend service, we can build and manage your paid search campaign, letting you get back to more important matters.

Content Development & Content Marketing

ContentMatrix enables you to work with some of the best content producers in the world. Our writers are well versed in writing for the web, technical writing and all other areas of importance, with years of experience working with our team. Content is king, there’s no way around that fact and as more websites come online, what sets them apart will be the quality and value of their content. Stand out with superior content developed by expert writers just for you.

Social Media Marketing

Connecting with existing and prospective customers can be hugely beneficial for several reasons. With MoreSocial, we identify your target audience and create the perfect message to diligently get you in front of the right customers. First, it gives you a platform to get your voice heard in front of a global audience.  On Facebook alone there are over 2 Billion users, on Instagram, there are more than 500 million users and on Twitter another 300 million active users as of Fall 2017. So why not take advantage of a collective 25% of the world’s population at your fingertips? 

Local Search Manager

Our Local Search Manager service will manage the placement of your business in the most prominent local and national business listing databases across the web. See increased relevance and boost visibility in both local and mobile search. With mobile powering more than half of all searches and affecting over $3 Trillion in sales, it’s increasingly important that your business is properly listed. Monthly reports provide you visibility to the impact of your business being listed in all the right places. Giving you the power to create targeted promotions and review customer feedback in a timely manner. 

Web Design & Website Development

Your website is your identity on the internet, it’s design and development is of the utmost importance. Our web design and development process is focused on creating your business identity and voice to make it stand out from the crowd. We will work with your vision to create a one of a kind experience for your customers. We are experienced with a multitude of software platforms and languages to make sure your site has the optimal design for your business and ease of use for customer experience.Are you having a hard time increasing traffic to your site or are they not converting to sales once they do come?