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What is Digital Presence?

You’ve taken the first step towards developing a Digital Presence by building and launching a website. Digital Presence is the term used to describe your brand’s identity across the digital landscape. This includes how you build your website, the overall marketing strategy you develop for your new website and the content you produce for your website. Digital Presence also includes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked & more. Finally, Digital Presence will focus on managing your brand’s reputation, in order to put your best foot forward at all times.

There are a series of steps to be taken before your site shows properly in Google Search and across the web. That’s where the art and science of digital marketing or better yet – Digital Presence comes into play. It is important to have a well-developed strategy before you begin working on your business’ Digital Presence. Although there are hundreds of factors that can affect your site’s performance, there are several key areas to initially focus on.

We review your website for best practices, starting from web design and development principles. Then we move on to reviewing your search marketing performance -some of the things we will look at in this review are on-site SEO, off-site SEO, technical elements, and website content that’s already on your website.

We will even provide a FREE SEO Audit of your website before we start working together – normally we charge $99 for an SEO Audit. That way you get a better idea of the challenges we see in getting your website to rank better and for your brand to develop a better digital presence on the web.  We can also schedule a short call to discuss our initial findings and the best options to fix the issues we’ve found.

We understand you may have questions about the different services that are covered by our Digital Presence service. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions about digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your clients located?2018-02-07T10:27:14+00:00

Our clients are located all over the world. We work with organizations across the United States and Canada. We also work with clients in Asia and Europe to help them achieve their business objectives.

What sets us apart is our approach. We take the time to build a local team that understands the complexities of business, culture, approach to engagement and specifics of language localization. This way we’re able to provide clients with a best in class experience as your partner in business and not just another vendor who does XYZ.

For us, it doesn’t matter where your business is located. We are more than capable of supporting your digital marketing and business needs around the world. So whether you’re located in North America, Europe, Asia, South America or Africa, our team is ready to take care of your digital presence needs.

What is Technical SEO?2018-02-09T17:03:12+00:00

Technical SEO encompasses everything from the way the website is coded, page speed optimization, redirection, Canonicalization, pagination, HTML markup and more.

Quite simply, if the walls of your home weren’t built properly and to engineering standards then you would have a hard time putting everything else in place.

What is on page SEO – Search Engine Optimization?2018-02-09T17:07:40+00:00

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a combination of using specific strategies, tactics, and techniques to improve the standing of a website on the search engine results page (SERP) as it relates to search terms and keywords that match your business, services and/or products. Some of the key areas that we focus on are technical seo, on-page seo, off-page seo, content development, infographics, videos and more.

To get a better understanding of what kind of SEO services we provide – visit our Search Engine Optimization page.

What is Local SEO and why do I need it?2018-02-06T23:12:10+00:00

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies that work to optimize your website/brand or business for a localized area instead of the internet at large. For example, you are a bakery located in Brooklyn that caters to people looking for Gluten Free baked goods. You’ve built a website and social media pages, but nobody seems to know that you exist.

This is where Local SEO comes into play, it helps you get the word out by providing relevance to your business in a more approach to getting in front of prospects and current customers. There are of course other elements to local SEO such as business directories, business listings, industry databases and more.

Why should I invest in Local SEO?

The best reason why it’s a good idea to invest in Local SEO is right in your hand – your phone! More than half of all search traffic now originates from a mobile device. That means people are looking for the answer to their search query usually within a very small area. That can be as small as the part of the city you’re located in or a radius of a few miles if you’re in a less densely populated area.

By investing in Local SEO you provide much more relevance to people searching for what you offer in a more immediate way.

What is HTTPS? Do I need it?2018-02-06T23:23:26+00:00

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS or as it’s full name of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure version of the more common HTTP that we’ve come to know since the dawn of the internet age. It allows for secure communication between your web server and the browser you’re using to view this website.

Historically, encrypting your website using SSL/TLS encryption and enabling HTTPS on a website was used by primarily by companies that were focused on selling things online. One of the major use cases was accepting payments through your website. With the increasing amount of websites being hacked and security breaches, it’s now more important than ever for everyone to offer visitors a secure browsing experience.

Starting in January 2017, Google decided that HTTPS enabled or secure websites will receive a higher placement in SERP, the Search Engine Results Page than those who do not have SSL/TLS encryption and HTTPS security enabled by default.

Do I need it for my website?

Simply put – Absolutely! If you haven’t had a chance to make the switch yet, we suggest you make it a priority to start the planning process immediately. There are a lot more malicious characters on the web now than ever before in history. Securing your website can be done one of several ways. There are both free and paid options for getting an SSL certificate for your website. Each has it’s advantages and potential downfalls.

Are you worried that you might break your website by trying to do this yourself? Call and speak with one of our Digital Presence Specialists and we’ll get you moving in no time.

What is Content Marketing?2018-02-06T23:03:16+00:00

Content Marketing and Content Development is the strategic approach to identifying information that visitors will want and NEED from your website. In order to create engagement, the content on a site must be unique, crafted well and provide value to visitors.

Content in the early 90s and content in 2018 are two vastly different things. It used to be very text focused. Content has now evolved to include things like infographics, informational charts and tables, studies and testimonials, lists or listicles, e-books, audio, video and more.

One of the most important elements of a website will be the content you create for it. Developing and implementing unique and valuable content on your website is very important to it ranking highly in search results.

The hard part can be figuring out a content strategy, what to write about and how to create fresh, exciting content that will continue to attract and engage visitors. Through our ContentMatrix Content Marketing service, we connect you with experienced writers that will craft high-quality content in the brand voice that is uniquely yours.

How often doi need to add new content to my website?

How often indeed? The frequency of content updates will vary based on your business niche. If you are a news site, as quickly as the news rolls in, if you are a seasonal business then the frequency will be considerably less. However, the best practice is to add at least 1 new well-crafted piece of content in text, infographic, video or another format.

The important thing to remember is that you should be regularly updating the content on your site, frequently enough that your visitors engage with the information you are providing.

How much do you charge for your services?2018-02-07T10:22:21+00:00

How much do you charge for Digital Presence services?

It certainly is an important question for any business to consider. We pride ourselves on being transparent about our process and being competitively priced. A project cost will vary based on what needs to happen, how many members of our team will be involved in providing support for the project to be a success. Other considerations will include things like web hosting, themes, landing pages, content creation, audits of your web presence, review of current processes and campaigns & more.

We like to speak with you prefer providing a blind quote based on limited information. This way we can better understand your vision, the outcome you are looking to achieve and how you define success. Whether that’s based on the visual aesthetics and performance of a website to how much of a traffic increase we are able to generate for your website and business. It can also be the quality of the content our team will create for you and how it creates engagement with your audience.

Are you ready to have a conversation? Provide us with some basic information in the form below and one of our Digital Presence specialists will reach out to initiate a discovery conversation.

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