The technology we have today is worlds beyond what humans thought was even possible 50 years ago. With the pace of progress and the cycles of innovation becoming ever shorter – it’s becoming increasing difficult to stay up to date with emerging technologies. Leveldesk was founded by Technologists who have been using technology to improve the lives of fellow entrepreneurs, small and large businesses.

We focus on making it easier for you to do business, so that you can focus on growing it. We design, build and implement technology solutions using ONLY the latest and greatest tools. For the best technology solutions to help you grow your business contact Leveldesk today.

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

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You've created a world class business solution that makes it easier for everyone to do business. So why isn't everyone breaking down the door to use your product? We will get to the root of that question and all others. Leveldesk has over 15 year of experience in building and growing multiple million dollar business units and businesses. We work with you to take your business to the next level. It's going to be a tough road ahead, rest assured we will be by your side as you go down this path of entrepreneurship or growth.

Our Business Consultants are committed to helping you achieve the full potential of your business with a strategy tailored to your specific needs. We start with where your business is today - and work towards where you want to take it!

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

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The Right Tools for Every Solution.

Whether it's a business need, a hardware or software need - we're equipped to handle the challenge and find a solution. We've built our solutions toolkit to tackle even the toughest of challenges both efficiently and effectively. We have a team of experienced professionals to address all of your needs.

The Right Skills for The Job.

We're experienced in working with a variety of operating systems, programming languages and hardware platforms ranging from printers, Security cameras, Pro A/V, Access management, Servers, Network switches, Networking equipment & more. Get in touch to speak with a Technology Specialist today.

The Experience to Get It Done.

Our experience spans multiple disciplines, industries and business sizes. Our specialists have decades of experience finding answers to even the toughest of challenges. Whether it's a strategy, operational, instructional, hardware or software issue - we'll implement the best solution to achieve your business goals.

We're Here To Get Your Business to It's Full Potential

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Business Statistics

Small business is a big part of the United Stated economy. To put the numbers into context, there were about 30 million Small businesses operating at the end of 2016. The impact of these businesses - no matter how small is tremendous on employment. Small businesses employ approximately 58 Million Americans, accounting for 48% of the private sector workforce. This also underscores the importance and size of the market B2B service providers to the economy. Leveldesk Business Consulting services can help you connect with service providers that help you rise to the challenge of business ownership so that you can continue to grow.

Millions of Jobs in the US are provided by Small Businesses - 58Million
% of private sector Jobs that are provided by Small Businesses 48%
% of Total Sales provided by Small Businesses in the US 54%

Small Business Landscape

The volatility of the market has yet to affect small business so much that Americans stop pursuing the American Dream. With the innovation cycle becoming shorter and the ease of access to capital becoming easier, especially with social platforms like KickStarter and IndieGogo a lot of innovations are hitting the market that would have otherwise died off. Leveldesk Consulting Services is here to help you with all of these challenges and prepare you to propel your business to the next level.

Small Business is the Backbone of America

The Small Business Services sector continues to grow as entrepreneurs test the market with their ideas. The number of potential customers in the SMB market alone numbers in the millions - close to 30 Millions businesses in the US in 2016 alone. All of these businesses need legal, taxation, banking, sales, operations/logistics, shipping and countless other services that are necessary for them to operate. Many of these businesses also need help with their technology, guidance on how to better utilize the digital tools available today to get in front of potential and current customers. Another important area these businesses will need help with is business strategy and day to day operations - 2 areas that many will overlook with founders taking on all the responsibilities themselves.

Leveldesk Consulting Services is here to help you with all of these challenges and prepare you to propel your business to the next level.

Technology Today

What Technology Services Do We Currently Offer?

We offer everything from Infrastructure build-out, cabling, networking setup/configuration, server setup, computer setup/configurations, help desk, remote/on-site support, managed print services, professional Audio/Video, Security cameras, Access Control, Management Technology Services, Procurement, Internet services, VoiP Services, serving as a Vendor liaison on your behalf and consulting for technology.

What don't we do?

What we don't do is such a short list - we usually don't even make one.

We don't provide direct equipment leasing.

Other than that - our Provider and Partner network is so expansive we can provide for just about any Technology, Marketing or Business need you might have

Our Technology Consultants

Our Technology Consultants are Experienced professionals who have been practicing their trade for years. Many of them have worked with Fortune 100 companies before joining Leveldesk.

How can you get started with Leveldesk?

Getting started is as simple as completing our Contact Form.

One of our Client Services team members will be contacting you to get to know you better and understand your business needs. We do this so that we can identify the Consultants that are best suited to address your specific needs and be most effective in developing the best solution to get your project started in a timely manner.

Common Technology Issues

  • Using Consumer Technology for Business

  • Buying Outdated or End of Life Hardware/Software

  • Lack of 24/7 Monitoring/Alerting/Reporting

  • Spyware, Malware, Scamware Infections

  • Network Issues leading to Downtime & Lost Productivity

  • Non-existent or Untested Backup Systems

  • Not having a Backup Battery/Power System

  • Using Email to send Sensitive Information

  • Not having a Mobile Security Policy

  • Not having an Inventory of IT Assets

Digital Marketing Facts

% of Online experiences that begin with a Search Engine - 93%
% of decision makers that trust Online Reviews the same as a personal recommendation - 88%
% of B2B Marketers that say Content Creation is the most effective SEO tactic - 72%
% of Users that do online research BEFORE making a Purchase - 62%
% of B2B marketers that say more leads are generated from SEO than anything else - 57%
% of Internet Traffic that will be Video by 2019 - 80%