Building a new office space from the ground up is no easy feat. Our Infrastructure builds service is designed with your busy schedule in mind. We work with your team to streamline the construction, getting you into your new space quickly. We can handle everything from the design phase to final move in from your previous office. Through our Infrastructure Builds group we can work on procuring Internet service, installing Cabling, building the network layout, to offering advice on best placement for equipment through your office for maximum efficiency. Our consultants and project managers have experience executing projects ranging from cozy 5 person offices to large 250+ users in multi-level configurations.

We’re not Building a Future for a few Years, We’re Building for a Lifetime!

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Our Networking Services ensures that your business has the up-time necessary to successfully execute your business strategy and provide clients with consistent service. We live in a hyper-connected world today, where the strength and reliability of your internet connection can affect your business drastically. Our Networking Services designs are built using the best hardware & software available on the market. We make sure that wherever your team & users are located – they can easily access your network and quickly get working.

We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.

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Hardware is an important consideration in your business strategy. Especially when it comes to vital components like servers, network switches, routers, laptops, desktops, data backup systems, backup power systems and so much more. With Hardware Services we work with you to identify, source/procure and implement ONLY the best hardware available. Our hardware recommendations are based on years of experience working with these technologies and using them ourselves and for our clients. We have a simple rule – if we wouldn’t use the technology, hardware/software or anything else ourselves, we won’t recommend it to you.

In designing hardware to be used every day, it was important to keep both the human aspects and the machine in mind. What looks good also often feels good.

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The right Software is an integral component in a successful technology strategy. The Software we recommend will the best for your business and the easiest for users to work with. We have partnered with major Software providers for various solutions. We can offer a turnkey software solution from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. or build you a custom software solution that meets your exacting requirements. We develop and implement a comprehensive Change Management project any time we migrate you to a new solution at our recommendation.

Most people assume that once security software is installed, they’re protected. This isn’t the case. It’s critical that companies be proactive in thinking about security on a long-term basis.

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Managed Services has become the simplest way of ensuring that your technology works the way you need it to. With Leveldesk Managed Services for Technology better known as Managed IT Services our team works around the clock to provide you with working technology so that you can focus on running your business. It’s great when our Technology works right – not so much when it doesn’t. Our team of Systems Specialists are dedicated to making sure you can continue to work without interruption. We offer multiple levels of Managed Services based on your needs and will continue to advise you in the how to optimize technology utilization for business growth.

I shouldn’t have nightmares about my technology not working, that’s what I have Managed IT Services for – let them deal with it!

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Help Desk! Customer Support! Those are the subject of so many of the emails we receive these days. You have questions as to why something doesn’t work or how to do something – Our Help Desk has answers and will resolve your technology concerns quickly. When you email or call our Help Desk team, we take the time to understand your concern and will diligently work with you until we have a resolution that gets you back in working order. Our team speaks multiple computer and human languages so that you don’t have to worry about communication issues or worse, miscommunication. We offer our Help Desk services because our goal at Leveldesk is to give you peace of mind!

Our Prime purpose in Life is to help others. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

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Our Technology Moves team makes it easy for you to disconnect & pack up your equipment at your current office, move it to your new office and reconnect everything. Technology Moves aren’t easy – we know, we’ve done it ourselves, and we’ve done it for hundreds of business clients over the years. The challenge with moving technology equipment, we’ve all felt this – a cable goes missing or something doesn’t work right, and nobody can figure out why. With our Technology Moves Service, we work with you or your moving company to label everything, disconnect it, bag & tag it and then get it ready to ship off. When everything arrives at your new office, we will un-pack everything and reconnect it all for you so that you can get back to work quickly.

At Leveldesk our goal is to make it seamless so that It will be as if nothing moved at all.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

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Platform Agnostic Technology Solutions

Our background has brought us in contact with dozens of different software languages, hundreds of types of hardware & equipment and a variety of platforms. The wealth of experience our team has collectively is built off years of working with different types of technologies. Our platform agnostic approach to technology allows us to leverage this experience to better serve your needs.

Efficient Project Management.

Our approach to Project Management is focused on delivering the most efficient execution of anything we do for you. We have worked on hundreds of projects over the years, with budgets ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The consistency in our approach has always allowed us to delivering project results within scope, within time and within budget.

Leveldesk Technology Services Help Your Business Excel


We have built relationships with manufacturers, vendors and service providers so that we can provide you with centralized turnkey solutions. We look forward to building Relationships with you and providing you with Technology, Business and Marketing services for years to come.


The reason we continue to stay ahead of the industry in the services we provide is because of our continuing dedication to innovation. We take proven technologies, add novel approaches to using them and deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

Client Focus

We enjoy what we do because of the phenomenal clients we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. From records labels, restaurants, schools, government entities, to design firms, financial institutions and so much more. We love the ideas you bring us and the challenges they pose.


Technology is more than our business. For years it has been our passion and it continues to be that and so much more every day. We have a chance to be in the dreamy position of seeing futuristic technologies become reality every day. Better yet – we get to help others achieve their dreams using technology.

We’re Here To Help Your Business with Technology!

With Innovative Technology, Creative Solutions and The Right Experience.

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