Managed IT Support Services

Today, small business and startups are faced with the challenge of choosing between handling their IT functions and maintenance in-house or outsourcing some part or the whole function to a Managed IT Services provider. Small business owners and owners of startups can benefit immensely from a myriad of IT support services offered by a managed service provider (MSP) like Leveldesk.

As an IT support company serving clients in the US and Canada, we work with businesses to choose between outsourcing their IT functions or handling them within their organizations. We will provide you with a list of services we offer and then outline the benefits of working with Leveldesk for your IT services and Managed IT Support Services.

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Our IT Support Services

Here is a list of managed IT support services that we offer to our clients:

Desktop Management Services

We provide desktop management services that include vulnerability discovery tools, advanced security analysis, patching and supporting hardware and software. Our technicians deliver day-to-day management and maintenance services needed to ensure that our client’s employees work in a secure workplace. Our desktop management services come bundled with the following services: application management; desktop maintenance, desktop security, asset management and system encryption.



We manage and monitor all networks and servers owned by our clients. We offer both on-premise and cloud data storage services. Our team maintains around the clock network monitoring to ensure that all our clients’ IT systems are running optimally and respond to alerts quickly thereby avoiding downtime. Further, we understand the needs of our clients to have their IT systems running seamlessly and that is why we have invested in the latest IT resources and equipment to ensure that we keep pace with the developments within the industry.



Cognizant of the fact that businesses are faced with a variety of security threats, we are committed to helping all our clients to come up with security policies and procedures aimed at securing their IT systems. We offer managed IT security services which cover network security, cloud security, endpoint security and policy management. We design and enact proactive security policies to protect our clients from internal and external threats.


Disaster Recovery

We believe that our clients require having IT systems running seamlessly on a 24/7 basis. Based on this belief, we work with our clients to ensure that we come up with customized disaster recovery solutions for each of our clients. Since there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to discovery recovery plans, we apply our technical expertise and consult with our clients to come up with disaster recovery plans that fit their exact needs. So, whether our client suffers data loss due to human error or their entire business is swept off during natural disasters, we can restore the client’s IT systems within the shortest possible time. Our IT support company offers disaster recovery solutions that include redundancy solutions, off-site backup and hybrid disaster recovery.


Having gone through the list of managed IT services we offer above, let us make a case for managed IT services by asking the following question:

Why Should You Outsource Your IT Functions?

IT is a critical business component which cannot just be wished away. Managing a fully-fledged IT department has its benefits, but if IT is not your business’ core competency, there is no need to tie your business’ scarce resource in a department that performs non-core functions. Since your business cannot run effectively without business IT support, it’s best that you outsource your IT functions to a managed IT support services provider?

Here are some of the benefits that are gained by small businesses that outsource their Technology needs and IT functions to a managed IT solutions provider:

Reduction in the cost of operations

The main driver of cost in businesses that handle their IT functions in-house include expenses incurred in purchasing and replacing expensive IT hardware and software, cost of hiring experts to man the IT department and the cost incurred in renting office space for the IT department. Small businesses do not need to tie their scarce resources on these expenditures. Working with a Managed IT Services provider will prove to be more scalable and cost-effective option for such businesses.

Focus on Core Business

For most small businesses, IT is not their core competency and as thus focusing on IT would not give such businesses a competitive advantage. Businesses that outsource their non-core IT functions to managed service provider get a chance to focus on their core competencies as the managed IT support provider ensures that their IT functions are taken care of.

Access to the latest technology and experts

Most small businesses lack the financial muscle needed to acquire state-of-the-art technology that MSPs have. Further, since MSPs core competency revolves around the provision of the best managed IT support service, they are better placed to hire the most qualified and knowledgeable IT talent on the market. Bringing together the latest technology and the brains that they have on their payroll you will see just how beneficial it is to let an MSP handle your IT functions.

What to Expect When You Hire Leveldesk?

When you decide to hire Leveldesk as your managed services provider, you can expect us to deliver the following:

  •  dedicated team to handle all your IT needs.
  • Hands-on approach from our team of qualified and experienced technicians.
  • Fixed and flexible pricing depending on your project needs and preference.
  • No geek-speak- we keep it as simple and as basic as possible.
  • 24/7 Support- We have a team always on standby to attend to you whenever you call.

Why Choose US?

Time is money, as a New York based company we understand that extremely well. We’re a managed IT services provider who has been in the business for a long time, we’ve built our business on providing the best in class service and experience to our clients. Our combined experience of over 35 years enables us to solve practically any IT needs our clients have.

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