Network Support Services

What exactly are Network Support Services and what does it mean to invest in them? It’s not uncommon for people to overlook their network – both wired and wireless when making decisions about their technology investments.

With Network Support Services you can rest easy knowing that our technicians will monitor your network and proactively identify any issues that can arise. They will work to mitigate the impact of these situations or eliminate the threat altogether so that your business can continue to operate without disruption.

Another important aspect of the Network Support Services is both the remote and on-site support we offer to address any issues that may arise due to unforeseeable circumstances, internal network disruptions, hardware and software glitches and more. Our technicians will quickly and effectively address any issue that arise in a timely manner to minimize the disruptions to your business.

Wired Network

A well built wired network has multiple components that come into play. There is a modem that will bring in the internet connection from your ISP or Internet Service Provider. Next there will be the firewall that monitors and protects against malicious activity, intrusions and attacks from outside of the network. Third there will most likely be a network switch to properly split and manage the wired network ports that computers, printers, cameras and other internet connected equipment will plug into. Keep in mind the quality of cabling is very important to protect against signal loss, interference and overall reliability. Finally the patch panels that you plug into come into the equation for a well built network also.

If all of these pieces are not put together right, or if something is not configured properly – issues can and will arise that will affect the reliability of your wired network. Leveldesk Network Support Services mitigate and eliminate network issues proactively so that you can focus on your business without the headaches of networking.


Wireless Network

A Wireless Network offers the convenience of not having to plug into a network port and of being able to easily move around within the coverage area of the wireless network. There are of course multiple components in play here as well. It will include all of the main structural components of a wired network with the addition of a business class wireless router. There are many firewall/router combinations offered by enterprise hardware manufacturers that will simplify things for you. Popular technology manufacturers such as Cisco, Netgear and more offer solutions for both consumer and business. Our Network Support Services team has experience working with all of the major manufacturers and has built relationships with them to aid in addressing any issues that may arise.

This unfortunately can and often does lead to another problem – consumer hardware in a business environment. We will address this in our next post – Technology for your Business.


Leveldesk offers a comprehensive suite of Technology Services for our clients. For more information you can email us hello@ or visit our Contact page.